• smart secure cover
    activation of contactless functionality by finger pressure
  • smart secure cover
    innovative data protection
  • smart secure cover
    ergonomic protective cover

Smart Secure Cover

innovative protection of your personal data

Video Function


Why do I need Smart Secure Cover?

patent technology

The brand-new Smart Secure Cover provides protection for the personal data stored on your contactless chip cards to prevent unauthorized access, while still allowing you to make use of the convenient modern contactless functionality.

das Smart Secure Cover


How does the Smart Secure Cover work?

Karte einführen

Insert card

Insert your credit card completely. Your data is safe now.
The direction doesn't matter.

Button drücken

Press button

For contactless payment/access, press the button and hold until the transaction is completed.

Button loslassen

let go button

Release the button. Your data is safe again.


Thank you very much for your interest in the Smart Secure Cover, our brand-new innovation.

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